Puppy:   6 weeks    $90

Introduces puppies to basic obedience and socialization skills. Puppies should wear a buckle or snap collar to class.

Prerequisite: Puppies must be between the age of 10 and 24 weeks on the first day of class to begin this basic obedience class.


Advanced Puppy     6 weeks        $90

For puppies ages 5 months – 8 months and under 40lbs. Must have completed Puppy K.


Beginner 1:   8 weeks     $120

The eight week course will consist of one hour sessions each week, during which time the handler and dog will be taught basic obedience commands.

Training collars & leads are included in the class free of chargeg. for non-member students. YABTC members may purchase these items for a nominal fee.

Prerequisite: Dog is over 6 months old, or has completed Puppy class.


Beginner 2:     8 weeks      $120

The focus of Beg 2 is geared towards enhancing the basic & household obedience skills taught in Beg 1. The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is given the last day of class, and is included in the class fee.

Prerequisite: Beg 1 obedience


Advanced Obedience:    8 weeks      $120
















These are competition level classes, and are held every week at the time and day specified. These classes are sold in 8 week increments to non-members. Classes are canceled when there is a conflict with a trial held in the YABTC building, Holidays, and the last 3 weeks of December.



Beginner Rally:     6 weeks        $90

An introduction to the sport of rally obediencce Signs used in AKC novice are covered.

Prerequisite: Beg 2 or permission of instructor


Advanced Rally:    6 weeks         $90

Rally Advance Class is for handlers and dogs that have learned the Rally Novice signs and want to continue on to Rally Intermediate &/or Rally Advance. Signs used in AKC Rally Intermediate & Advanced are covered as well as a quick overview of the Novice signs, Rally rules, courses, & many other items.


Master Class     6 weeks        $90

Rally Masters Class is for handler and dogs that have achieved a Rally Advance Title or has a leg(s) towards their advanced title. Signs used in AKC Rally Excellent & Master are covered as well as a quick overview of the Novice thru Advanced signs, rally rules courses, & many other items. Dogs must be able to work off lead.





Basics:    8 weeks       $120

This foundation class teaches focus, recall, ability to ignore distractions and building drive. These are skills necessary for any agility team to progress to working agility obstacles. Students are also introduced to free-shaping, luring and targeting. Some introduction to obstacles is included in class work. Class is taught with positive reinforcement ONLY. Please bring a crate, clicker and plenty of treats and/or toys to the first class. A mat or cushion, big enough for the dog to lay comfortably on, will be needed also.

Prerequisite: 4 months of age


Intro 1:    8 weeks       $120

Gently introduces the dogs and handlers to each of the obstacles that they will see in AKC style agility. Dogs progress at their own rate. Dogs are expected to be able to work off lead and to demonstrate the skills learned in the Basics class. Soft edible treats and toys are required. A clicker is recommended. Puppies under 10 months will not be allowed to jump higher than 4 inches. No dogs will be jumping their jump height until after their first birthday. It is not recommended for any dog (but large dogs in particular) to jump at their full jump height until after 15-18 moths.

Prerequisite: Dog must be over 6 months of age and have taken the Basics class


Intro 2:    8 weeks      $120

Continuation of Intro. Dogs will further master obstacles previously introduced. Dogs are expected to be able to work off lead. This class concentrates on improving the dog’s skills with all agility obstacles.

Prerequisite: Intro 1


Intermediate:    8 weeks       $120

This class concentrates on improving the handler/dog team’s skill in preparation for trial. Handling skills and maneuvers are taught and practiced. Different agility venues are introduced. An AKC Novice title or its equivalent is needed to proceed.

Prerequisite: Intro 2


Advanced:    8 weeks    $120

This class is for agility teams competing successfully at the AKC Excellent /Master level or its equivalent in other venues. This is an interactive class where students are expected to contribute to class work by bringing problems, goals and interesting/difficult sequences from recent trials.

Prerequisite: AKC Open title or equivalent ,or instructors approval






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