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    Thank you for your support !!

    The public is encouraged to attend any YABTC trial or match, however, if you are not entered, please leave your own dog at home. Viewing of any YABTC trial, match or meeting is free of charge.

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    March 19 and 20--at YABTC - Judge Pamela "Candy" Nettles
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    June 24, 25 and 26-at The Well

    August 20-21--at The Well - Judges Mary Mullen and Laura Kuterbach

    October 7, 8 and 9--at YABTC

    December 3 and 4--at The Well

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    Watch Justi & Marlana Tice on their last run in earning their MACH. Congratulations Team!



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    ******* Agility Seminars *******

    Perfecting Your
    Agility Handling Skills

    Presented by Debbie Sacerich

    Sunday, September 27, 20L5
    Youngstown All Breed Trainine Club
    13210 Mahoning Avenue
    North Jackson, Ohio 44451

    Debbie Sacerich has agreed to come back to YABTC !! For those of you who don't know
    her, Debbie has presented seminars at our club and many others on many occasions and is
    always very popular. She is a long-time member of Cleveland All Breed Training Club
    where she has served as President, Board Member, Agility Trial Chairperson, lnstructor,
    and Agility Training Director. She is a published author having numerous articles appear in
    Clean Run Magazine. She has earned multiple AKC and USDAA titles on multiple dogs
    including Quick and Bright, her rescued Belgian Malinois . She has a particular fondness
    for distance work and frequently awes the peanut gallery at local agility trials with her
    current agility dog, a Border Collie named "Do lt".
    She will be presenting two topics:
    Using Distance to Enhance Performance on the Agility Course
    Developing Speed and Increasing Motivation
    Sundav, September 27, 9am until 1
    SPEED AND MOTIVATION for both slow and fast dogs:

    Would you like more speed and enthusiasm from your dog on the agility course? Or, do
    you have a fast dog that occasionally goes out-of-control, takes wide turns, and flies into
    traps? Debbie will help you improve your training techniques and perfect your handling
    skills to create and control your dogis speed on the agility course. Limited to 8 working
    spots. Unlimited auditors.
    Sundav, September 27, 2 pm until 6
    Are you running your dog from one obstacle to another? By helping you perfect your
    handling techniques Debbie will show you how to develop distance handling and change
    your Velcro dog team into an agility dance team. You'll learn to create distance and how to
    use distance to enhance your performance on the agility course. Limited to 8 working
    spots. Unlimited auditors.

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    Agiity Trial October 05 2014


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    Run Thrus

    1st Tuesday of each month
    • $5 first run, $3 second run same dog
    • Sign in begins at 6:00
    • Runs start at 6:30
    • Contact: Mary Mignogna


    Every Tuesday
    • Non-Members $5
      Sign in 6:00
      Runs Start at 6:00

    2nd & 3rd & 4th Tuesday of each month


    • $5 first run, $3 second run same dog
    • Sign in begins at 6:00
    • Runs start at 6:30
    • 2nd Tuesday:Utility, Open & then Novice
    • 3rd Tuesday - Beg. Novice
    • 4th Tuesday: Novice, Open & then Utility
    • Group Exercises are @ about 7:30.
    • Contact: Kim Burrier


    October 18 w/photo session